The Kahl Drogo Workout 

Be a dothraki warrior with this one little trick!  Gyms hate him!    Yea, just fuck a lot. 😃👍🍕

Random motivation 

A negative mind will never give you a positive life.     Random motivational quotes.  


Amazing watch tower

Embalse de los Bermejales (Bermejales Reservoir) near Granada, Spain.   


Cool beans vs jelly beans 

Be cool.  Don’t be uncool.  Obviously.    


When you in the ghetto high as fuck but still want good noodle soup. Pho 20.   


Bad Squishy       

Just some cute jellyfishes. 🐙🐠         

Anarchy in the UK

Funny comic. Anarchy in the UK.  Would you like some tea?  NO! 

Stop calling it an issue 

Seriously this is why there aren’t more women in tech. Women choose not to be.    

How to get rich online

How to get righ on the Internet.    


Our pork is 100% David Camron free.  As it should be damn dirty English.    

Cars have faces too. Check out these drawings and what your car says about you

                       So what does your cars face say about you? Fun and happy? Angry, determined? Or just dumb looking. Hahah. 

Got sand on my wiener 


dont tell me how to live my life funny cat

Don’t tell me how to live my life!

“don’t tell me how to live my life” – funny cat. probably.   funny shit cats do.

the magical fuckunicorn

Look A Magical Fuck-u-nicorn

Look A Magical Fuck-u-nicorn! For those magical moments when you really need to fuck off.  

cool looking honeycomb

Cool Looking Honeycomb

Just some interesting stuff.. cool looking honeycomb. Almost art-worthy. Kinda makes a heart shape in the middle there.

biggest lies on the internet

The Biggest Lies On The Internet, An Infographic

What other biggest lies are there out there in internetland? lol. I have read the terms and conditions. I am at least 18 years old. You have been…

90 shades of toast

90 Shades Of Toast

Yeah Toast! 50 shades of what..  never mind all that, check out these 90 shades of toast.  

awesome cat tshirt

Funny Clever cat Tshirt

Yup, that all. Just a funny cat shirt.  

Game of thrones season 5

Game of Thrones Episodes 1 to 4 are already available for download

Game of Thrones Episodes 1 to 4 are apparently already available for download! The episode leak seems to be a result of HBO trying to have a synchronized release…

Smoked Salmon Deviled Eggs

Smoked Salmon Deviled Eggs

Smoked Salmon Deviled Eggs. Probably the best thing ever. Recipe: Hard boil some eggs, cut them in half, and remove the yolk. Put the yoke in a mixing bowl…

fitness inspiration pic 4 hot women

Fitness Motivation Pic

Todays fitness motivation pic is brought to you by four hot women. Neat. Seriously, I want to go to the gym again just because of those abs. Yes,…

24,000,000 watch Graves Supercomplication

Stupid rich people stuff

  The $24,000,000 watch ..  The Graves Supercomplication. Why?, this is the dumbest thing ever.