duck hunt tramp stamp dog laughs at you

Duck Hunt tramp stamp dog laughs at you

duck hunt tramp stamp dog laughs at you. lol. best tattoo to laugh at.

wolf street art graffiti

Wolf Graffiti

wolf street art graffiti. wow.

Running shoe lacing techniques for runners

Running shoe lacing techniques for runners

tiny brontosauruses

Look Tiny Brontosauruses!

tiny brontosauruses..  brontosauri?

Giant green octopus art graffiti

Octopus Graffiti Art

  Giant Green Octopus Graffiti Art

awesome cat tshirt

Super Funny Cat Tshirt

Super funny cat tshirt.

crater lake oregon us at night

Crater Lake National Park at Night

Crater Lake National Park is a United States National Park located in southern Oregon. Established in 1902, Crater Lake National Park is the fifth oldest national park in…

Lamathrust is way better then horsepower

Lamathrust. Seriously.

Seriously, Lamathrust should be a thing. Even Zebraforce would be cool. Hilarious question on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. What is an actual animal-based unit of measure?…

There goes my last fuck to give

But wait, there goes my last fuck to give.

deadpool pancakes smell like victory

Pancakes smell like victory

Pancakes smell like victory! – Deadpool.

I'm a tiny potato and I believe in you.

Do the thing, Win the points

I’m a tiny potato and I believe in you. You can do the thing, win the points.

How long will it take to watch - popular tv show total run times

Binge Watching TV Shows. How long have you spent watching your favorite show?

It’s pretty common to binge watch a good show over a rainy weekend. But have you ever stopped to thing about how much of your life you’ve spent…

fitness inspiration motivation posters

fitness inspiration motivation poster

No one ever regrets a good workout.

5 day old Emus

5 day old Emus

Well they grow up ugly and weird, but at five days old emus are super cute.

just peacocking

Just Peacocking

Great response gif. You Me Peacocks.

cute little animated octopus or squid

A cute friend.

happy pi day pie

Happy PI Day Everyone

Just some pie for PI day. π 

grumpy cats valentines day

Grumpy Cats Valentines Day

  Grumpy Cats Valentines Day. Fuck yo hearts. :p

end police brutality

SFPD Criminal Misconduct

Stop the police state. Arrest the officers for their criminal misconduct. Arrest Polly Zebrowski and her friends for Felony Perjury. These people are violent criminal liars. Get the…


25 Cute Sushi & Rice Art Creations

35 Cute Sushi & Rice Creations. While I would bet these aren’t the tastiest of sushi creations, they are super cute looking. Some of these rolls take serious…

75 amazing wrist tattoos

75 Amazing Wrist Tattoos

75 Amazing Wrist Tattoos. Cute inspiration for your new tattoo. Check out these tatts for cool fonts and text symbols. Seems like lots of people like to remind…

35 cute wrist tattoos

35 Sweet Wrist Tattoos

35 Sweet Wrist Tattoos. Just a bit of inspiration for some mini wrist tattoos..  yea, I know the bird one is just a stamp, but whatever, it’s cool…