Doctor Who Superman comic crossover. 

It’s bigger on the inside. I swear.   Hilarious comic crossover of Superman and Doctor Who. The only problem is superman goes into a police box instead of a…

Head stand. 

   Aka when I stand on your head. 😎

Drink coffee

Keep calm and drink coffee poster.    Get your coffee fix at the Clever Coffee Company  Puns of coffee jokes, pics, posters, etc. 


Amazing cubes of food


The exact spot my zipper broke. 

 Dick jokes.  #bigdickproblems

In honor of Back to the Future

New HOVA hoverboard from IKEA!   


The difference between men and women. 

It should say A difference between men and women. But it’s still, sadly, true that many women are terrible people.    Correct social commentary comic on why women…

Alcohol Poster

Alcohol is not the answer. It just makes me forget the question.    

Invoice from Boba Fett

Funny invoice design    

A different perspective on the Egyptian pyramids 

The great pyramids as seen from Cairo, Egypt.  Something to add to the travel bucket.    

I Brought You Some Toast!

Come on baby, don’t be like that.  I brought you some toast.    

The Ultimate Hot Chocolate 


Unicorns Fart Rainbows


How to discourage tailgating. 

Obviously with a claymore attached to your trailer hitch.    

The Kahl Drogo Workout 

Be a dothraki warrior with this one little trick!  Gyms hate him!    Yea, just fuck a lot. 😃👍🍕

Random motivation 

A negative mind will never give you a positive life.     Random motivational quotes.  


Amazing watch tower

Embalse de los Bermejales (Bermejales Reservoir) near Granada, Spain.   


Cool beans vs jelly beans 

Be cool.  Don’t be uncool.  Obviously.    


When you in the ghetto high as fuck but still want good noodle soup. Pho 20.   


Bad Squishy       

Just some cute jellyfishes. 🐙🐠         

Anarchy in the UK

Funny comic. Anarchy in the UK.  Would you like some tea?  NO! 

Stop calling it an issue 

Seriously this is why there aren’t more women in tech. Women choose not to be.