X-FILES Complete Show Timeline gillian anderson david duchovny

The X-Files Reopened – Full X-Files Timeline Infographic To Catch Up On The Show

Catch up on the entirety of the X-Files saga mythology without having to binge watch 200+ hours of tv with this handy timeline infographic. Continue reading “The X-Files Reopened – Full X-Files Timeline Infographic To Catch Up On The Show”

Darth Vader Coffee Cup Lid

I Find Your Lack Of Star Wars Coffee Lids Disturbing

Come to the dark side. Drink all the coffee with us. And check out the designs for these disposable coffee cop lids in the form of Darth Vader and Storm Trooper helmets.  Continue reading “I Find Your Lack Of Star Wars Coffee Lids Disturbing”

grumpy cats valentines day

Grumpy Cat’s Valentine

So you really want to boycott Valentines day entirely, but someone you know would be disappointed if you did? We have the solution. Try this lovely grumpy cat’s valentines day card. Continue reading “Grumpy Cat’s Valentine”


20 Mind-bending Optical Illusion Tattoos

Optical illusions as tattoos are particularly mind-bending because your brain has trouble wrapping itself around the idea that it can now “see” into someones body, where there should just be skin there. Check out these 20 ridiculous optical illusion, 3d effect, and just awesome tattoos.  Continue reading “20 Mind-bending Optical Illusion Tattoos”

fitness inspiration back-day

Back Day At The Gym – Fitness Motivation Pics

Is it back day at the gym for you too? Damn right it better be. Here are your fitness motivation pics for improving your back workouts today.  Continue reading “Back Day At The Gym – Fitness Motivation Pics”

Welcome To Amsterdam

Motivational Welcome Sign In Amsterdam

Welcome to Amsterdam, here’s some common sense information that will motivate you to look your best this coming summer. Continue reading “Motivational Welcome Sign In Amsterdam”

cute baby creatures

12 Unexpectedly Cute Baby Animals

We all know baby animals are super cute. But what about those animals you probably wouldn’t even consider thinking about at all, and much less in the context of cute. In alphabetical order, not order of cuteness.

Continue reading “12 Unexpectedly Cute Baby Animals”


Fuckonomics 101

An amusing reminder that we should all prioritize what we put our energy into. Not everyones’ priorities are going to be the same, and that’s great because the world would be a really dull place to live. It just means that you don’t need to care about what everyone else tells you to care about.

Continue reading “Fuckonomics 101”

Free Beer Sign

Inequality Of Service For Men And Women

A riff on classic restaurant and convenience store signs saying No shirt, no shoes, no service.

Continue reading “Inequality Of Service For Men And Women”

featured-octopus tattoos

24 Amazing Octopus Tattoos

Octopus are some of the smartest creatures in the oceans. They are also beautiful and so very different from humans that they are the stuff of old seafaring legends like the kraken. Because they have a defense mechanism of spraying ink, to confuse predators, they make a great idea for inking yourself. Octopus also happen to be very tasty to some people, but that’s another story. Regardless of your reasons for wanting octopus tattoo ideas, here are 24 really varied and beautiful octopus. Continue reading “24 Amazing Octopus Tattoos”

featured grind sign

Rise and Grind

Your motivation for today. This beautiful pink neon sign reminding you to rise and grind. That’s what the pursuit of happiness is all about, grinding away in whatever direction gets you one step closer to where you want to be in life. So get to it, stop procrastinating on this site and on reddit, or facebook, or wherever you waste to much time.  Continue reading “Rise and Grind”

featured rudeolph

Rudeolph The Rude Nose Reindeer

You’ve obviously herd (deer jokes?) of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. This is his my funnier, clearly English, cousin Rudeolph The Rude Nose Reindeer. What a cunt. I’ll just file that away for funny Christmas cards to use next year for all my cunty mates. Haha, just kidding, I don’t have any friends. Continue reading “Rudeolph The Rude Nose Reindeer”

featured sincerely zombies

An Open Letter From Zombies

It’s not always about your body. Sometimes it’s about your brain and how cool you are. So from zombies everywhere, we want you all for your brains not your body. I, of course, need coffee or my brain is just a mushy zombie all day.  Continue reading “An Open Letter From Zombies”

featured body fat visual truth

Visual Truth Of Body Fat Percentages Chart

Everyone’s body is at least a bit different (unless you have an identical twin), but even so we are all very similar in how our bodies look with different body fat percentages. So for some fitness motivation I give you this excellent chart of body fat % ranges, for men and women, with pictures of how those body types look at each level.  Continue reading “Visual Truth Of Body Fat Percentages Chart”

featured unification theory of cutlery and silverware

The Grand Unification Theory Of Silverware

You know the basics of silverware, the knife, fork, spoon, and perhaps even a spork thrown in there just in case. But what about the other hybrid cutlery? The knife and fork mash up makes a knork. The knife and spoon can mix together also creating a spife. The combination of all three creates the rarely seen, magical, splayd. Thus creating a grand unification theory of the three basic pieces of everyday silverware.  Continue reading “The Grand Unification Theory Of Silverware”

grand unification theory of santa

A Grand Unification Theory Of Santa

There’s a fine line between being a mythical creature like Santa Clause and an evil twist on religion like the Spanish Inquisition. As we all know, with great power comes great responsibility, but if you through in some creepiness about knowing wether you’ve been naughty, if you’re sleeping, and a red suit you get an amazing combination leading to gifts! This grand unification theory venn diagram of Santa should help you sort it all out.  Continue reading “A Grand Unification Theory Of Santa”


Fuckoffee Cafe

You love coffee and the caffeine that comes with it is pretty much needed to function at all. So I like to remind people about my need for less talkee and more coffee in the morning. Or as this coffee shop named itself, Fuckoffee. Damn hilarious to name a real shop with a name like that. There are a bunch more funny restaurant and bar signs over this way as chalkboard signs. Continue reading “Fuckoffee Cafe”

featured funny chalkboard bar signs

The Funniest Restaurant and Bar Chalkboard Signs

A lot of bars and restaurants now have funny chalkboard signs out front to entice new customers to come try their food and drinks. But these people aren’t just telling us a dumb daily special or standard list of the games they’re playing on their tv’s that day. Nope, they’re getting witty and punny with their signs. And, since they’re here with pictures, they’re clearly working to some extent more than a simple informational sign. Continue reading “The Funniest Restaurant and Bar Chalkboard Signs”