Separation Of Church And State

Let’s talk about separation of church and state for a minute. America was founded with a strong will to keep church and religion out of schools and government and it’s high time we push back to that ideal with extreme prejudice. No, I don’t mean removing basic religious freedoms, those must stay for all people. But those ideas like creationism that has no basis in scientific fact must be kept away from any laws, regulations, and teaching institutions. Refusing to teach evolution and allowing religious doctrine to dictate curriculum should be criminally punished as child abuse. People who believe differently about the need to have clear separation of church and state obviously not committed to their belief system that puts tolerance, understanding, and kindness above all else… or they believe in a religion that is evil and has been a disaster for all of humanity by the wars it has caused. Anyway, here’s a comic that more easily reached the mainstream then my shit writing.

Keep church out of schools

Keep church out of schools

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