Bloody Mary Drinks and Prayers

You should know your brunch prayers while you make the perfect one, assuming you don’t have a personal butler to make it for you. Which you don’t. So, should probably look into getting that. Anyhow, this one from Archer about Bloody Mary’s is particularly great for when you have a brutal hangover.

Bloody Mary, full of vodka,
Blessed are you among cocktails.
Pray for me now, and in the hour of my death.

Which I hope is soon.

– Sterling Archer


blood mary full of vodka Archer prayer

blood mary full of vodka Archer prayer

Bloody mary, bloody mary, bloody mary, amazing

Bloody mary, bloody mary, bloody mary, amazing

Don’t forget about those stupid elementary school pranks about telling people to say Bloody Mary in the mirror, with the lights out, exactly at midnight, to make her appear. It was all a lie from adults to make sure you never accidentally made a tasty Bloody Mary beverage appear on your bathroom counter!

Brunch cocktails are the best. Mimosa, mojito, and the bloody Mary are pretty much the holy trinity of Sunday Funday brunch, and you should know how to make them to go with your smoked salmon deviled eggs. Start with this simple how to guide:

Bloody Mary How to make guide

Bloody Mary – Simple how to make guide

It seems this guide fails to add very important garnish items like strips of bacon, shrimp, pickles, or a whole damn cheeseburger. Like this supremely ridiculously overloaded mason jar of a bloody mary. Aaand now I’m hungry again, and still need more coffee.

crazy bloody mary toppings garnish

crazy bloody mary toppings garnish

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