Fuckonomics 101

An amusing reminder that we should all prioritize what we put our energy into. Not everyones’ priorities are going to be the same, and that’s great because the world would be a really dull place to live. It just means that you don’t need to care about what everyone else tells you to care about.

fuckonomics 101

fuckonomics 101 the story of why you don’t have any more fucks to give

You’re born with a ton of fucks to give, so you spend them like a kid with a credit card. You give fucks about your friends, about your grades, about your fashion sense, about strangers’ opinions. You give way to many fucks about way to many things, you have so many. Then as you get older, you have maybe 10 fucks per month, so you learn to budget them. You allocate fucks to family and career, but there aren’t enough fucks left to give to the newest fads. Oh, someone at work has something they need my help with that’s outside my job title? I’ll do my best to allocate some fucks, but this month is pretty tight. Then as you get even older, you’re down to 1 – 2 fucks per month, and those fucks are damn precious. You give them to your family and your hobbies and your job, and that’s kinda it. It’s not your fault – fucks expire to quickly. I would’ve liked to save my fucks from when I was younger but I can’t. Then, you hit fuck insolvency. You’re getting like one fuck a year, and you have to make it last. So you go without, and even previously fuck-worthy things, you just can’t give a fuck. Some people run out really quickly, some people have a fuck trust fund that pays out a decent amount into old age. But at some point, the fuck faucet runs completely dry and you’re out of fucks to give. It’s just basic fuckonomics.

Fucks I have left to give: eating, staying vaguely fit, justice and equal treatment, and making money (but only because it’s required to fulfill the other wants).

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