21 watercolor tattoos

21 Great Watercolor Tattoos

Since everyone is loving the other post on watercolor tattoos, let’s check out some more. Lots of delicately shaded multi-color flowers, abstract splashes of color, and some kittens and unicorns just for fun. But really you’ll Luv the abstract splash style flower tattoo for the back of your legs. Amazingly pretty and uncommon, but probably really uncomfortable especially at the back of your knees when you’re getting it done and while healing. Continue reading “21 Great Watercolor Tattoos”

Featured watercolor tattoos

25 Amazing Watercolor Tattoos

An amazing new trend in tattoos is the, usually super colorful, watercolor style. But it’s really not just a watercolor look for a lot of these tattoos, it’s also a line drawing or ink splashes to add depth and impact to the more delicate shades of color. Obviously, it’s a personal style choice too, but you should consider that colored ink will fade faster than black tattoos and will need to be touched up occasionally to keep their radiant color. Continue reading “25 Amazing Watercolor Tattoos”